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Global Watchlist Report

Comprehensive Global Watchlist Screening for Enhanced Security

What is Global Watchlist Search?

The Global Watchlist Search is a comprehensive verification tool AuthenticateĀ® provides that screens individuals against an extensive database comprising over 60 international sanctions and watchlists. This process is crucial for enhancing compliance and security measures within organizations.

The tool conducts a thorough screening by comparing verified identities against various databases, including:

  • OFAC (SDN & other lists)
  • EU Consolidated list
  • HM Treasury Sanctions list
  • UN Consolidated list
  • FBI Most Wanted

AuthenticateĀ® utilizes a matching threshold of at least 65% to provide a binary outcome, indicating either TRUE or FALSE, which signifies whether any matches to records on global watchlists are found.

Report's Result:

AuthenticateĀ® provides detailed outputs for each subject checked. For instance, a typical report might include:

  • Name Match Score: This is a name match score out of 100. A higher number indicates a match between the user's input and the commercially available data.
  • Offense Information: Detailed Descriptions of each offense, including the nature of the offense, location, and the international watchlist in which the individual is mentioned, along with the source of the watchlist and any aliases (if any).

Turn Around Time:

The Global Watchlist Search is designed to generate reports instantly, typically within less than 24 hours, facilitating swift and effective decision-making.


For further guidance, please refer to our attached resources and API documentation or contact our support team for assistance.


Disclaimer:  The data provided from this service may not be used as a factor in establishing a consumer's eligibility for credit, insurance, employment, or for any other purpose in the FCRA & you agree not to use this service for such a purpose or to take adverse action regarding any consumer application based on this service.